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NOTE: Anything Else You May Need To Know

  • Apr. 20th, 2012 at 1:52 PM
:: LJ-Related Things ::

Here is the guide to anything you may have wanted to know about Kurumi but were too lazy to ask/find out, like the anime and manga series she has watched and read, the blogcrews she has joined, and various miscellaneous things that do not belong anywhere in particular.

About :: mukashi mukashi ::Collapse )

Scared off yet?

Kurumi's Blogcrews?Collapse )

Anime and Manga Series Kurumi Has Watched & ReadCollapse )

Kurumi's Favorites?Collapse )

Kurumi's LJ FamilyCollapse )

NOTE: Friends Only

  • Nov. 12th, 2005 at 6:09 PM
This journal will officially be dead from now on, but not deleted. Whoever wants to continue being friends with Kurumi-chan, please comment over at the first post in katya_jule.

fujifilm! XDDDD
Okay, I just made a DearkaxMiriallia story over here:

* * *

Title: A Little Flickering Flame
Author: kurumi_chan/katya_jule-- AKA ME! :3
Date: June 7 2005
Fandom: Gundam SEED/Gundam SEED Destiny
Rating: G to PG
Description: Miriallia Haww thinks back at the time before the war, when she and Tolle were still together. She is interrupted from her thoughts by a certain ZAFT Pilot. Sort of. Tolle x Miriallia x Dearka. :p Sort of. Oh, the summary is SO lame. -dies-
Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam SEED, or the characters, though I wish I did. And because I have a terribly short memory when it comes to the anime, the flashback lines mentioned here are from the manga translated by Del Rey. Enjoy. :3 And, by the way, let’s say they’re in a normal neighborhood somewhere. @_@ Like, on vacation with the other characters in a rest house? XDDD;

(Beware ze fake LJ-cut. TOUCHE!)

* * *

The computer was so darn slow when I tried to put the story in this LJ, so I gave up and posted it over at the other one. *dies* :D Like, hi everyone! ^__^

Oh, and on an off-topic note, I watched Shaman King last night, and.. man, Tao Ren is cute. XDDDD Super arrogant, yeah, and horrible accent and haircut (or at least the spike), but remove the accent and spike and he'll be the best character ever! XDDDDDDD Lol. Anyway, Lily and Ellie or something (my spelling sucks today) are my favorite characters in that girl team.

My brother was like, "Now Shaman King is getting interesting."
ME: "YES! I CORRUPTED--I mean, converted--ANOTHER ONE!"
My brother went, "I liked Shaman King even before you did."
ME: "You did a good job of hiding it, by saying that it was so childish and kiddy, then."
My brother: "..."

Man, he's Shinji inside out.
Oh, and Shinn Asuka is HOT. *melts*

♥ Kurumi-chan
I felt all RyomaSakuno-y a while ago, and while waiting for my turn to use the computer, wrote this on my notebook, which, when I got on, typed and am posting here. ^__^ RyomaSakuno is my favorite PoT pairing, as it is just adorable! ♥ If you want to request a fic, just comment on this entry or any of the others, I really don't mind. Of course, reviews are more than welcome! :D

* * *

Title: Never-Ending Rain
Date: Started and Ended May 6 2005
Fandom: Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Oujisama
Rating: G to PG
Description: This ficcy is for hanjae, who is probably far, far away from her computer. :( RyomaSakuno, one shot. Reviews/comments welcome. :p Flames welcome tolerated. :P I hope it's not too sappy. Oh, and I don't own PoT.

Aww, how sweet... Not. XDCollapse )

* * *

And on a not-so-sappy note... Belated Happy Birthday, LJ! *hugs it* The birthday of the journal kurumi_chan is April 25, 2004. Yay! :D Now it’s one year old! Cheers! *pops champagne* :)

Crossposted to tenipuri
Well... So... Here! A gift to you guys before I leave tomorrow night at eleven o’ clock. :D Once again, it’s not that good, maybe mildly amusing, but nothing much. >_> I guess I’ll get lots of ideas on the twelve-hour trip when I’m awake, anyway, and not daydreaming/dreaming of Fuji. XD. @_@ Oops, that seemed a bit off-topic, didn’t it? Y’know, someone should put up a Tantei Gakuen Q community on LiveJournal. I’d definitely join it! *looks around*

This is way late for April Fool's.. T-T This is for.. nyurotik_onna, I think. Unless you're mad at me. >_< Or something. =_=

* * *

Title: Luvly, Merry-Go-Round
Date: April 28 2005
Fandom: Tantei Gakuen Q
Rating: G to PG
Description: Class Q has a case to solve...at a carnival! Reviews/comments welcome. Flames welcome tolerated. :P (Oh, and I don't own Tantei Gakuen Q. Or the song. Which is from TGQ. Sigh. Life can be so unfair.)

*starts humming an off-tune version of the song*Collapse )

=_= ..I was inspired today, but.. maybe some things are better left off unwritten? @_@
I was pretty bored a while ago and so decided to make a KiraLacus fic. :D One good thing about this one is, it matches my LJ title. XD! I don't know, for some reason I dedicate this ficcy to birdboy. >_> I hope it isn't too weird!

* * *

Title: Once Upon A Time
Date: April 22 2005
Fandom: Gundam SEED
Rating: G to PG
Description: Lacus thinks about what would happen if life were really a fairytale. KiraLacus, one shot. The first part is through Lacus’ POV, ten years old. (That’s why her writing is so childish. =_=||) Reviews/comments welcome. Flames welcome tolerated. :P (Oh, and I don't own Gundam SEED. T_T Which is sad.)

You can dream all you want, everyone does.Collapse )

EDIT: Thanks to mizu_no_cagalli for noting that Lacus' eye color is blue, not purple. @_@ I should have noticed that!!

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Challenge # 1: FujiRyo ficcy for jgal87-san

  • Apr. 22nd, 2005 at 11:47 AM
Alright! I finally finished the challenge of Jgal-san. :D Well, it’s not that good as usual but it’s...tolerable? x_x

* * *

Title: Untitled [I haven’t thought of any suitable for this. Suggestions? ^_^]
Date: Started April 20 2005, Ended April 22 2005
Fandom: Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Oujisama
Rating: G to PG
Description: This is the short ficcy I made for jgal87-san. :D FujiRyo, one shot. Reviews/comments welcome. :p Flames welcome tolerated. :P Oh, and I don't own PoT.

Have I already told you that I’m evil?Collapse )

* * *

You can also request/challenge me to make you a fanfic/fanart, anything from any show that I’ve watched. You can pick a relationship, a story arc, a missing scene, a random character, pretty much anything and I’ll make it for you. :)

Oh, and I’ve decided to follow jgal87-san and post my fanfiction/fanart as Public, because I bet some of my friends (maybe even teachers) are trying to see if I’m alive and all. XD If I’m in the mood, I might even post them in Communities, who knows. Lol. But the stuff I don’t post here will be at xxmarinebluexx, my fanfiction/fanart/poetry journal. :D Love! ♥

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